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Found in Raid is CANCER


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So let me get this straight...

You guys added the new Found in Raid mechanics so this game turns into a "find something I need for this goddamned quest RUN STRAIGHT TO THE EXTRACT FORGET BUDDIES AND FIREFIGHTS AND WHAT NOT!" and "Hey, you know what, forget looting and hunting, let's camp the extract! LOL!"

Am I missing something? 

Can you guys please start playing the game? Can you guys please learn a thing or two about game design? Can you guys please make this game more PvE, PvP and PvPvE oriented? Can you guys please drop the GRINDING WALKING LOOTING SIMULATOR oriented game design? Can you guys please stop making literally millions off of cheaters and start listening to the honest people who invested their time and money into this +5 year old beta access?


Can you BSG? Can you really?

5 years for this? A half assed game whose black market cheater economy drive the actual game design and developer decisions? 

Can you stop lying? Or day dreaming in front of the keyboard?

I thought the migration to unity 2018 would bring more patches, more content, less wait time, instead we got cheat galore heaven and the crummiest binaural sound mechanics from the early 1990's? 9 months since the migration and all we got was the chance to grind yet again, now with the bonus of COMPETING DIRECTLY AGAINST CHEATERS?


No seriously, what am I missing here?


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sadly for the PC Elite the cheater studio's that create the hacks follow the popularity of the game. The more popular the game the more chances of hacks being developed. No system or program can prevent these hacks because the are literally years ahead of anyone trying to stop them.

Ultimately I think game like this (shooters) should be developed on consoles (yes I said t 😛 )

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