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Update us on tech and Vulkan API


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Any plans converting to Vulkan API? I know Tarkov is going now to Unity 2019 which is a big thing but I have not heard about Vulkan API or if it's in the plans.

Also just in general an update on core tech plans would be much appreciated but we don't need any release dates. (for example plans or thoughts on Unity DOTS, Vulkan, dx12, Netcode, Raytracing, Unity HDRP, Cloud computing, 3D audio, Physics, Jobs Systems and Multithreading)

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Really interesting topic.

I am sick of people with good hardware all around posting and discussing about upgrades etc. even if their specs are great.
I would really like to know what are BSGs future plans about Vulkan API and further Multithreading optimization as the newer Unity versions defiantly do support that.

EFT still utilizes too less cores/threads even if it got a bit better with the last recent (bigger) updates.  

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