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The flow of raids

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There are a few things that i wish to see from EFT which I believe would greatly improve the feel and flow of raids.

1. Combine all maps to one; I don't know if this one was already confirmed or discussed and I'm a bit confused about the arena mode when stated that raids will be shorter, but maps need to be merged together as one tarkov map I think.

2. At the start of a wipe, have the player pick where they want their hideout to be and that's where they spawn and extract from; I haven't given this one much thought but wanted to throw it out there anyway. 

    The point so far is to give players a reason to move all over the map with longer raid time and less chance of converging with other players at spawn and exit locations. I think it makes more sense with this next point.

3. Traders are stationed at specific locations on the map (for example, therapist is somewhere at the resort); This point is even highlighted by their description in the main menu. Players would need to travel the map to find traders.

    One Important thing I want to stress is the absurdity of leveling traders and what it does to the concept of survival when paired with small maps and short raids. I never liked this mechanic and I think this is what ruins the game (for me at least) because it becomes all about doing those chorey tasks to level up traders and then once they're leveled, everyone just sits on their ass buying everything their heart desires which throws the survival aspect right out the window from the start.

    I imagine it like this; Everything is "find in raid" and can freely be used for barter (bartering with a sense of approximation towards the value of something). Items you find in raid, like a weapon stock, need to have a greater level of importance, not just for its sale value. Trader stocks need to be way more limited (level 2 quality items, roughly, perhaps with some fluctuation). Tasks can be done if you want to, but it would only increase soft skills like "charisma" which improves your relationship with that trader for better barter options. That's it, pure and simple.

    Raiders and bosses are beautiful. Taking them out gives you exactly the satisfaction you want to feel when see their loot!

Note; I'm not an expert in game design and thus don't know the implications for making development decisions, so please take my suggestions with a grain of salt.


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