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Customs Firefight

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This is an image captured from a 3 minute cinematic I've been working on for a year. Hope you like and stay tuned for a ton more plus a youtube link of the video which I'll be releasing soon hopfully.barrel_introCam.thumb.png.494f76e6509901f04e81e203b59e9169.png

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6 hours ago, Madiakz said:

Looks interesting man, is the video uploaded yet?

No. I know I mentioned like 4 months ago that it would be uploaded soon but unfortunately I haven't been working on it much lately. 

I'm back on it now though. All I have left to do are shot cameras, smoke and dust, and some minor post effects.

This is a big project and I'm alone in it aside from my brother who will handle audio and video editing. So I don't want to give an exact date on when it will be finished. My hope is within 2 months.

I will try to post little gifs and pics like these until then.

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