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[EU] Kanium looking for like minded people. Teamwork focused and adult environment


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Kanium is an 18+ gaming community in the EU time zone that focuses on PvP and organized teamwork in games. One of the defining and strong principles of Kanium is free speech and an adult environment. We also value a strong sense of community and aim to create lasting bonds.   

Kanium currently has a good core of Tarkov players and is looking to expand with more new blood. We usually like to run 2-4 man groups and generally play a style that focuses on teamwork and is more tactical, methodical, objective based on a medium speed. Usually we work with a squad leader making the general decisions and doing call-outs if needed.   

We are looking for members that we can play with on a regular basis and that are willing to learn and improve, or help us do the same. We have no level requirements nor do we care what your skill level is. What we do care about is personality. We want people that can add real value to our community.

That being said, our Discord is open to all. People are welcome to join and play other games, or just socialize with us without applying for membership right away.


Requirements for joining:

  1. 18 years or older
  2. Need to have thick skin
  3. Be active on our Discord
  4. To be honest and accountable for your actions. (Both good and bad)
  5. Be able to speak fluid English
  6. Properly setup mic or be able to use PTT
  7. Be able to play and work with other people as a team

How to apply:

If you are looking to join Kanium then enter our discord and read the welcome message sent by our bot Reginald. Use the !apply command in a DM with the bot and include a simple 1-2 paragraph message in regards to your motivation for joining Kanium. (Example: !apply [puttexthere])   


Kanium Website: https://kanium.org

Kanium Discord: https://discord.gg/stMkMZ9

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