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Item Reimbursement After Quick Death?


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I'm sure this has been suggested before but it would be nice if you got your items back provided you died within the first minute or two of spawning in.

Three times today I've spawned in maybe 30 meters from another player who got the drop on me and twice I spawned on other players who didn't stand a chance as I think they just spawned. It makes it frustrating when you play back to back and get wiped after taking a few steps only to lose 100% of your items.

Either spawns need to be adjusted, or there needs to be some sort of minute-long immunity to losing your stuff.

As for potential abuse of it... make it to where if your group members kill you your stuff isn't preserved (to prevent duplication) but if it's a random you get it back. I don't think this would be game-breaking to include - but could actually keep people playing and make people less frustrated.

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Horrible ideas. Just learn the spawns and learn to predict where people are going to come from.


If you spawn in late, tough luck. Its part of the game. (Although I dont agree with late spawning)

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