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Fighting 13th est.2009 are recruiting primarily EUTZ players (Open for USTZ as well)


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The Fighting 13th is an established community with currently 190 active members. We have several divisions depending on the games you prefer to play and each division has a captain. We're a relaxed, laid back community with a very competent leadership hierarchy. We routinely organize events and welcome new members with open arms and our Discord is a carnival you don't want to miss. Our members are found across the globe as pictured here. As far as Escape From Tarkov goes, we'll help you get equipped. Most of our EFT players are very skilled, but they're mostly holed up US timezone. That's why we need you! Even if you're a veteran EFT player or a newcomer, we'll do our best to get you equipped and at the worst case scenario, at least have some bit of fun. After EU/US crossplay was effectively destroyed by the new max 150 ping update, you'll be sticking with us on the EU side. We're on our own and and it's time to prove these men of war who has the better continent. Should you get tired of EFT the community is playing just about any multiplayer-worthy game you could think of - but right now we need you here!

The Fighting 13th is like a game of it's own. With multiple possibilities to progress within the hierarchy, perhaps one day you'll lead your own squad, or even your own division. As the member's list show, we are an active community spread far and wide where people have already done much in service to their teammates. Here are some criteria's to rise in the ranks, something no other gaming community currently offers - at least not so successfully as we do. We're constantly looking for talented individuals for our different projects, if you wanna use your creative abilities for more than just organizing your stash. Here's what we can offer;

  • A stable, enduring leadership entity that has stood the test of time
  • Several games to choose from where other members from around the globe actively participate in
  • Ability to rise in rank and be recognized for your participation and dedication to your division the community
  • A wonderful atmosphere where we respect the foundation of your existence; you have a life. And so we do not require you to go above and beyond to remain a member.
  • Getting help in getting set up. We have access to several resources and a good portion of us know EFT and other games we play like the back of their hand. If you have a question, we have an answer. Having a tough wipe? We'll bring the TP and help get you settled
  • The community infrastructure is being actively developed and is currently going through some changes to make the atmosphere even greater. EVEN GREATER! When you thought it couldn't get any better, huh?

Most of those who come, stays. Some of free will. Others feel they don't contribute enough. Well, don't worry about that. We just want to play with you! So hop on our Discord and apply for membership whenever you're ready. You can also message me privately through Discord if you have any questions.

My Discord: Detta#9481

Discord Invitation: Fighting 13th

Click me to apply! Please remember put me, Detta, as your referrer!



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Howdy, Im one of the NA guys on the server! We got a good bunch of EU players now but we are trying to increases their size a wee bit so come on down and do some raids with us

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