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I want a teammate (HC ONLY) ; ) DUO


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I am 22 years old, I live in Denmark. I'd prefer it if you weren't danish ; ). either way I prefer to speak english. I also speak a bit of German.
I play the game as some what call a hardcore? I simply do not use the flea market, nor do I buy anything from fence. and I haven't from lvl 1.( I want you to also be a HC. ) or I am simply not allowed to play with you.. nor do I want too. breaks the purpose. also (NO scavs, ONLY pmc).

I am lvl 23 currently. I am certainly fairly experienced. I have played a few previous wipes on and off. a very good shot.  I lack knowledge of Reserve.. only ever played it once, I seem to be to scared to learn it.

My traits:
* Great game knowledge.
* I can play different playstyles, given different situations.
* Reliable teammate, .. / the opposite of greedy.
* Patient.

I prefer playing Woods, Customs and Shoreline. ( in no particular order )
I normally play the raid fairly patiently, slow yet meticulous. (solo)
I normally always try and complete my missions as they are given, immidietly.

* I am usually a bit slow post game, as I am still on the level 1 stash size, and need to repack and sort, etc.
* Unfamiliar with "correct" callouts of certain places. ( I spend most of my time playing alone. )

MORE: I certainly tryhard most of the time, it's how I enjoy the game best, thus why I play this.. call it, hardcore mode. But with that, I am socially built and enjoy having a good time.  Let's try playing together. and see how it works out. I am also - open for many new things, playstyles etc. etc.

Sincerely Scott - Discord :: Antisect275#1226


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6 hours ago, Clubberg said:

Hello. HC doesn't allow twitch drops as well?

I most certainly don't condone it, but if you prefer it this way thats absolutely fine. HC is VERY hardcore. sometimes, especially lately I often feel the urge to go back to normal. of course I don't do it. Anyway. No. But sure, the game is for enjoying at the end of the day. I wouldn't mind a teammate getting drops. As long as it doesn't impact the game too much you see. It would ruin the whole idea. :  )

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13 hours ago, sYs said:

Mm i might hit you up.

Moving to Denmark in Saturday. Tho gonna be a week or more until my gaming rig travels there. 

Added you on discord. 

+ teach me some Danish :D 

Ay, nice going man. Sounds good. ;D

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