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Suggestions about the current "ping situation"

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I would like to apologize if this post is a little bit all over the place. I have some criticism (of course, I wouldn't be making this post otherwise) and some QoL features I would like to see with the current progress of the ping limits.

The current ping limit (as of today, 155ms) is too low for 100% use and the discrepancy between the launcher reported pings and actual pings you get ingame make it worse. I live in Finland and I can select probably 6 US servers but I can actually only play on maybe 2 of them. If a strict limit like this is made in a game like Tarkov, there should be some protections for the players too. If I try to load in to a server where already at the map loading screen I'm over the limit, then tell me that I cannot join that server so I don't spawn in just to lose all my gear because I get disconnected every 10 seconds after connection/reconnection. 

If possible I think a solution regarding the servers is to give both sides what they want. I don't see why it has to be just one or the other. Have a set of servers that will only allow <100 ping and another set of servers that allow <200 as I think that 200ms is a good cutoff point. Give the players the option to choose if they want to play on <100 or <200 servers either by having specific server locations allowing only specific ping or making this an option in the game or launcher settings that allows you to connect to the types of servers you want. Depending on the utilization of this you could adjust it so that 30% of server instances at a given locations are 200ms servers and 70% are sub 100ms servers or any other ratio you find more reflective of the amounts needed.

Another issue that might arise with this is that now we will be back on the problem of "infinite matching times". If I can maybe play on 1 or 2 servers with my friends, then we will be waiting in queue for 20-40 minutes again on peak traffic times. 

I play 95% of my time with my friends because I suck at playing alone and all those friends are US based and I'm from the EU. The current limit has just made the game unplayable for me and my friends too because of the 155ms limit. I am 100% fine with a solution that gives advantage to people with lower pings as long as I can play with my friends. If I cannot play with my friends that means I cannot play and that both saddens and angers me. Tarkov is a very special game and you are making ripples throughout the whole FPS genre with it. I can already see many features that I've first seen only in Tarkov being implemented in other games because those features are just so much better than what we had before. Hell, even Star Citizen copied the changing movement speed with mouse scroll feature and multiple other FPS games in development are clearly copying features from Tarkov that I haven't seen in other games before.

The ping counter colors should be changed I think from the current green (good) - yellow (medium) - red (bad, but still maybe okay?) where you don't actually get a visual indication on when you're over the limit to something like green (ok - <80ms) - yellow (medium 81ms - 120ms) - orange (danger 121ms - 155ms or the limit) - red (over the limit).

I know you guys are under a lot of pressure from the huge amounts of popularity you have gained in the last year but sometimes you also need to take a moment to breathe and think if the changes you are making are necessary to implement that fast and without more considerations of how it will affect the players and what you can do to make those changes easier to the players. And if you know you are making a change that will have a big effect on players, like the current ping limit, have solutions already available like those intermediate servers that were mentioned in your tweets. 

I currently feel totally disheartened by the fact that I simply have no reason to play anymore. But I've been with you guys since 2017 and I know you can find a solution that allows me to play with my friends again and the sooner the better. I'm just sad that we are a couple of weeks deep in a new wipe and now it all comes to an abrupt stop for me. 



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i feel your pain i bought this game exclusively to play with some of my american buddies and now since theese changes i can barely play, and lets face it the poo people call "ping abuse" isnt that advantageous, im sitting at 150-160 most of the time while playing with them and most of the time its a massive disadvantage, the amount of issues that arise from it far outweighs the 1.5 millisecond peak time i might get on someone due to ping. like sounds not working properly for example footsteps not registering at all for alot of the time (an issue i do not have all on for example london server which is my preferred one) or grenade throwing sounds being way out of sync alot of the time i get the throwing sound upon detonation.

but yea this is some garbage after playing with my friends for a couple of years all of the sudden i cant play anything but solo because some people have gotten it into their head that a response time most people wont even notice is some major advantage. and im not saying that its not an advantage im just saying you need to be way better then people think to actually profit from such a small desync gap because were not even remotely talking about the upto 3sec desync times we had back in the olden days.

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