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Unable to play since the ping auto kick ...


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Simple, game auto kicks when above a certain ping.

My situation is the  following.

There are no server on EFT where i can have less than 200 ping because of  the distance from the place i live in to the differents servers.

This has nothing to do with my internet connection quality or anything else, my connection is very stable. Some of you reading might think an unplayable stuttering experience, well this is not the case for me since my ping is stable, no one sees me teleporting around like you could think, i might have a slight disadvantage but I could still play the game ...ping.thumb.PNG.5f06a08d1f5a6f1c4174659131303254.PNG

I got Edge Of Darkness Edition for a while now, and i had no problem whatsoever before the auto kick. 

But I simply can't even play a single game anymore because of this new "auto kick feature".

What happens exactly is the following: I log in a game, get to move for under 10 sec, then get kicked out of the game with the notification about internet quality being too bad. 

before you say it, I already checked all the tarkov servers and theres is none under 200 ping for me in the launcher.

I got some answers from the support, but I just feel like they did'nt even read my post since part of the answer was the following:

"If you constantly experiencing server kicks due to high ping then:
- check your internet connection (restart router, try to connect your PC directly to modem and see if problem will keep happening)
- try to select several servers in launcher with lowest ping
- try using tethering (using your mobile phone as modem)
- contact your ISP to find other possible solutions for this issue (upgrading router, changing the route of connection etc.)."

To be fair , i would understand if they just don't want ppl having more than a certain ping to be unable to play completely, then atleast refund me now, since when i bought the game that was'nt a problem at all, then suddenly one day i just can't play anymore...


answer from support.PNG

my ticket to the support.PNG

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Worst now the auto kicks are for 160 or higher.


Wtf is wrong with the developers, im unable to play aswell, and i paid for the EOD edition

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Just because you can only play with 200 ping, doesnt mean you should be allowed to play with 200 ping, you ruin the game for alot of other players by doing so, why should they suffer? what puts you above them?
An As Val needs 0,3-0,7s to kill someone,  with 200 ping you have such an hard ping advantage, that it will make the game unplayable for others

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@Thormato What you actually don't realise is with 200 ping everything i shoot is also gonna be delayed by the 200 ping  so i will take more time that i should to kill the target. seems balanced to me ...

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yea this auto ping kick thing is rough please allow people an option to select there max allowable ping because i love the game but servers are flooded at 9am ever day in California and now i am unable to play all day. Also would like to play with my fiends from around the globe and now i can barely play my 145$ edition of the game because my towns best isp isnt as good city internet.

i agree the person with the bad pings hits register later and are the ones who are at the disadvantage .like it would be nice to start a map at the same time as everyone, not 5 mins late.

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Wow I thought my situation was bad. My main issue now is i can't play with any of my friends around the world. I I live in Asia and I feel like this part of the world, Australia included, are being neglected. Not sure if that's true, but i feel like I'm being punished for buying EOD and not living in the west.

I still get random disconnects even if I'm playing on local servers. If I'm not getting screwed by that, then I'm getting screwed by hackers.

Game isn't fun anymore. 

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I'm from New Zealand and could play on a few NA servers with my friends that I brought the game to play with and I have about 148-162 ping on them but now its 160 that 2 over 160  will always kick me eventually during a match ...

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