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Alternative/Advanced Insurance System


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Suggestion for OPTIONAL insurance system to help with "gear fear" and other related issues; Replacement gear delivered in return for a hefty "tax" for all item sales plus a "service fee".

For example:
- Flat 50% tax on ALL items SOLD, cutting potential profits in half.
- 30%-40% service fee (from items price) for item replaced.
(- loose access to playing as scav while items are insured / time delay)?
+ Get replacement gear identical to ones you lost when you died, once the "service fee" has been paid.

To help with those of us with tendency towards what many refer to as "gear fear" aka fear of loosing valuable gear or gear that one has gotten attached into AND help lessen the frustrations related to replacing gear, at a price.

Also it helps with a little personal problem of mine. You see, I like to have a certain look for my character, a look that is lost every time I die. Yes, I could buy yet another pair of sunglasses, but that starts to get tedious after a while. That, and feel that I'm obligated to bring the absolute cheapest gear possible with me every single time I play online.
The current insurance system is not that great, and knowing that you will get your stuff back is at least for me worth a really hefty price. Yes, I know that there will be point in a game where one has enough money to not worry about price of replacing their gear, but that's not a point most players reach (having a job, hobbies ect...) and even then that's only part of the problem.

Look, I'm not asking for you to add a glowing aura on mags we accidentally drop or anything like that. Risk of making that kind of mistakes and loosing your half full mag in the grass is part of the reason many of us got into this game. But I feel that the game currently kicks you while you are down a little too much. Some players do not care about losing all their gear and that's why these kinds of things should be optional (and come at a price) but for one or more reason for some of us that aspect of the game kicks way harder than for others.
And before someone offers the advise of "gid gud", I would like to ask how do you "gid gud" against a dude that sprints at soundspeed above the treeline instagibbing everything?
poo happens, and as the game says when you first launch it "you will die a lot" but I feel that for scaredy cats like me the game punishes dying a little too hard considering how easy it is to get yourself killed.

I'm not asking for a freebie either, the "tax" is there to counter the lessened risk for those that want to use this service. Less potential risk = Less potential rewards.
Also the "service fee" is there that there is still some feeling of imminent loss for bringing the most expensive gear possible with you. (wouldn't want that lvl3 noob that looted your fancy stuff having too much fun now would we ;)

Not sure if devs read this sort of things but I thought to just put it in here just in case. "Gear fear" is very real and a main reason I hesitated for so long before finally getting into this game, and it's rather deterring for many others it seems.

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