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Has radio station been nerfed?

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The radio station (the underground tunnels under weather station and white pawn) dont seem to spawn solar arrays anymore? Just after the wipe you could find aesa's there almost every 2 raids. Now that i go there, i haven't found a single array at all.

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In all honesty, it feels to me like all “big ticket item” drops have been lowered significantly. 

maybe I am just getting bad  rng, but since wipe I’ve only gotten 2 graphics cards, 1 tank shell, 1 intelligence folder, 0 ledx, 0 opthalamascopes , despite doing many runs where I rush to the spawn locations and get there first. 

I did get one aesa but it wasn’t in the spawn you are talking about but for the life of me I cannot remember where I got it. 

I do not play labs though, so maybe that’s where all the goodies are?


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