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Cheaters - should community help?

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Hi guys.

Just wanted to follow up few top Twitch streamers being afraid to even go to labs because of cheaters. And other info around where cheaters truly makes many players to quit the game.

We know many shooter games have died for many of us because or heavy cheaters spread.

So my point is to have a forum section where players could help devs. make game better or prevent many of us quit.

The idea is simple - posting recordings of suspicious behaviour for devs to reviev and ban. Nikita has previously stated that BSG will trust their anti-cheat software. Well, many can agree- this wont work. So why not to help with community evidence for review...

E.g. look at this clip. Trully there is a chance that player somehow had good vision trough the bush. Still me and my mate were surprised by how preciseley this guy hit every bullet trough the bush. Worth taking look.

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As @Xarc has pointed out, you can help by uploading video footage of suspected cheat in that topic only. 



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