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I can´t play the game

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So I just got my hands on EFT and first couple of raids were completely fine. Then there was a maintenance for couple of hours and since then I when I join a raid, I´ll get poor performance, tearing, players are running on spot and then I get kicked by various server and anticheat errors. Sometimes my game crashes ringt in the loading screen, whitch usually takes about 5-12 minutes to get me in the raid. I tried to search the internet for solutions, but none of them seems to be working. 

My setup: Intel Core i7-7700HQ, GTX 1050 ti, 8GB RAM (additional 8GB of virtual RAM), Windows 10 version 2004

Thanks for any tips

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vor 2 Stunden schrieb IamTrubak:

My setup:

should run fine on very low settings (8gb is a real bottleneck im having myself)

besides that try to change the server to only the ones with good ping - even if that increases your matching times by a bit

if you get anticheat problems, disable your firewall and antivirus while launching eft as administrator

hope that helps

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