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Traders completely bugged just for me?


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Hi everyone,

My game was running very slow for some reason so I re-installed my Windows 10 hoping to fix it. Upon having done that and re-installed all my apps I logged back into Tarkov. Having logged in and trying to buy a Keycard from Therapist I realized that she wouldn´t sell me one because apparently I had 0 roubles left. Screenshot attached.

And the same for all traders and even for items.


Am i the only one having this problem? Is there a fix to it? Is BSG aware of this problem and on a fix for it?

And yes I´ve tried clearing cash, integrity check, uninstalling and reinstalling the game, turning on and off my computer. I´ve tried everything lol



2020-06-25[16-16] (0).png

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I am also having this issue, as a workaround you should be able to buy from the flea market through the trader normally. Hopefully BSG is aware of this issue.

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