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Backpack stack

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I've got the standard edition of eft. i have a stack of backpacks that take up a large amount of inventory space that i equip when i go on scav runs, buy armor, or customize weapons. Now their is a limit on the back packs you can have stacked on your person. I liked this because i have accidentally went into a raid with most of my items lmao. However, now I have even less space to work with. The screenshots are my entire inventory. Is there anyway to work around this so i can have the stack on in my characters inventory but not in raid?


2020-06-26 (1).png


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There is no work around. Anything above a certain size backpack (somewhere around tri-zip) now has a maximum of 1 allowed in your inventory. 

One big think you can do is remove mags and grips from large guns(anything over 6 spaces), this will give you more space and easier to organize. Your best option after that is cases to improve your space, upgrade stash in hideout, or buy EFT edition. 

With the money you have, your money case isn't really saving you space when you could use wallets when you have 10m and below. 

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