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Text Chat for Disabled Gamers


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I'd highly recommend adding text chat for squads. I'm a disabled mute gamer and I can't speak correctly. Most games I've played have had some form of text chat for sqaud play. Examples being: Destiny 2 and Rainbow Six Siege. Both these games require communication for goals and they both have text chat and have allowed me to play activities I normally wouldn't be able to participate in without text chat. 


I know the Devs focus for this game is squad play and I'd love to participate in that however most people, if not all refuse to play with me in tarkov. I love tarkov but I can not keep up with the influx of lots of sqauds lately. I do love solo and do enjoy playing against squads but I do feel like I'm being cut off from enjoying squad play due to no text chat to communicate to my squad. 

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