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VR Support in hideout


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I have just had an idea that would be really cool if they have implemented.
If they made the hideout support VR.
What would this feature be:

- Only offline (but you can use the equipment on your PMC) 
- Interact with stuff inside the hideout (Generator, Scav box, TV/Radio, Medstation and more)
- Realistic testing of firearm with the gun range
- Other RP elements (interactions with traders, defending the hideout from Scav/Raider attacks, reading up on the different bosses using the intelligence station)
- It would be something like Pavlov or any other VR Shooters

I would love to see something like that added into the game. I know it will likely never happen because VR is not really Tarkov's market and they have other stuff they need to focus on... but it would still be a cool project 

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