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Sound and Lighting

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Another death around midnight as someone was able to get within a few feet of me and blast me without me hearing a thing (with headset on). I was in an advantageous spot on interchange having just marked my last tanker on the west side of the map. Took out the light (I've got night vision on), waited about 20 seconds and moved closer to the last tanker. After sitting still the 30 seconds required after tagging the tanker  I slow walk into the bush just east of tanker, head on a constant swivel, then 4 seconds later I get shot from behind with a suppressed gun sounding a few feet away from the direction I just came/cleared. I've watched several videos on the silent footsteps bug and not sure why these things are so difficult to fix. 

Sounds in general are amusing at best.

Wood sounds as if all wood is hollow and you are wearing wooden boots and stomping your way around.

Metal sounds as if all metal is thin sheet metal and is laying loosely on another piece of metal and you are stomping with each step. I used to build military training facilities with metal stairs very similar to many in the game and even when they are not installed, still lying on the ground, you could walk on them with nearly no sound (rubber construction boots on solid steel stairs are nearly silent).

Grassy areas are fine, however it seems like near terrain covered in grass are patches of hard gravel that has that rather loud crunching/grinding. I'm sure this exists, just nowhere I've visited.


I don't think I need to tell everyone how terrible the lighting is and how incredibly unrealistic it is. There is no incidence of diffusion reflections. In the real world, sunlight coming through skylights more than lights up an entire mall. I am unsure as to how/why the lighting decision was done in this fashion. I do not pretend to know a lot about lighting as my only experience was building maps for half life back in the day, but even with those simple hammer editor I was able to create a more realistic light in warehouses without their own light source (intentionally darker places but not blackout).

Then there is the flashlight at night, holy crap is it garbage. I have tried several different settings and still its like the white light from the flashlight is more of a solid object more than an item that illuminates. The last time I tested the flashlight I was standing on the top of the ramp near power station on interchange. Using the flashlight to look down at the fence near the truck everything was so bleached out that I could barley see my buddy standing against the fence. It was more like the light was a curtain of white.


Anyway, end of rant. Ill be back tomorrow lol

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