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Offline Mode / A new mode


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Factory and future similar small sized maps or areas should have a new mode called Survival Mode, where you start from the easiest level scavs and as you progress with kills it spawn more/harder to kill scavs / raiders / Bosses [at certain levels]. There should be stats when you play online mode [stats should contain the highest amount of rounds survived / most kills in survival mode and other stats as well], the survival mode should allow Co-Op with your friend OR other players. If  you pass a certain amount of rounds [10 - 20 - 30.....] you should get a random pack of items according to how many rounds you survived/how good is your score. The player(s) should not be able to keep any loot they get from the Survival mode, they will only have their loadouts reset as when finishing a session in offline mode.

I think creating such a  mode would add to the game alot, i would love to see something like this where you survive you get some type of reward.

Please let me know if you like this idea.


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