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BSG Please Stop adding content and fix the game


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Let's be honest, the game has serious problems, bugs that affect both the gameplay and the outcome of the games.

My suggestion is, stop adding content and focus on fixing serious game bugs like:
-The sound is completely broken.
-Bullets that fire but that in practice do not exist and other problems derived from the inventory.
-Servers performance (Synchronization, latency spikes, fps)

I know that there are many things to value (economy, market, player progression, maps, weapons ...) But the reality is that while the outcome of the games is conditioned by the problems of the game, all that data collected is useless and unreal, because when everything works as it should, those data will change completely.

Once the game has 0 serious bugs, then it begins to add content and balance changes in an orderly way, so that if new bugs appear they are easily located.

Thank you very much

I leave you an example video of something that should never happen.

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Hello @Ramshu!

Welcome to the official EFT-forums! As you are new here, you need to familiarize yourself with the forum rules, found here:


Your thread is in violation of one of them, namely relating to creating new threads on a subject that has multiple threads with similar or the very same content as yours.

Use the search-function, and please participate in already created threads. Thank you!

#Thread is locked, answered

Kind regards,

Tobias Solem

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