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Karma idea for Scav teamwork/warfare

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Scav sub-factions, AKA Scav gangs

The objective of this idea is to achieve Scav teamwork between strangers and also maintain the dog-eats-dogs behavior of scavs.

This introduces 3 scav gangs from Escape from Tarkov's lore.

Zhilnov | Pashutin | Grizzle

Petty criminals, anarchists and thugs. Wearing typical leather jackets and dirt bike jackets.

Former security guards, former Police and Blue-collar workers. Wearing industrial site uniforms and heavy duty work clothing.

Psychopaths, drug addicts and sadists. Wearing ponchos and large trench coats.

How it works

When going into a raid as a scav you will randomly be assigned to a Scav gang. Zhilnov, Pashutin or Grizzle. Your scav will be dressed in the clothing unique to that gang.
When doing a group raid, all players in the group will be on the same scav faction.

Killing other Scavs from your faction decreases your Scav's Karma level and extracting from raids without killing player scavs from your own faction will
increase your Scav's karma ('Run-throughs' will count). Killing PMCs will increase a player-scav's karma more.

You can kill player-Scavs from other gangs without affecting your karma level as well as killing AI Scavs. AI scavs are factionless.

Killing other player scavs from your faction in self-defense will not lower your karma. (That player from your faction must shoot and hit you first).

Losing too much karma will cause you to spawn as a factionless scav in the future just like the AI scavs which means other player-scavs will see you as a betrayer and can kill you without negatively affecting their karma.

Scav karma - Benefits and Punishments

The Scav Karma levels below give a brief description of the benefits and punishments of each karma level.

All loadouts are chance based. E.g A Scav with a karma of 7 will still have a chance of spawning with poorer loadouts but
the probability is smaller. They will have 0% chance of spawning with level 8+ loadouts until that karma level is reached.

Players with poor scav karma can have their karma passively return to Neutral overtime by taking a break from scav runs. If a player cannot restore their karma through their actions in-raid by killing PMCs then they can simply just take a break from scav runs and they will be neutral again over time. If a player has a good karma level then it does not passively return to Neutral when not playing.

Karma levels

0. Renegade - Your scav is now factionless, you no longer spawn as a gang member.

1. Infamous - Very poor loadouds. Makarov

2. Menace - Worse loadouts. Mosin Obrez

3. Dishonorable - Poorer loadouts. AK varients without dust covers or stocks

4. Rogue - Poor loadouts. Toz and pump-action shotguns

5. Neutral (This is the starting karma level) - Average loadouts.

6. Comrade - Spawn with painkillers and medkits.

7. Honorable - Spawn with level 2 or 3 body armor.

8. Saint - Can command AI scavs and have a chance of spawning with a grenade

9. Famous - Better loadouts. Spawn with level 4 body armour.

10. Paragon - You have a chance of spawning with a suppressor for your loadout, whatever it may be.

The Karma levels below give examples give a little more detail of what kind of weapons you can spawn with based on your karma level, they not limited to these weapons.

Bad weapon loadouts
0 Renegade. AKM/VPO
1 Infamous. Makarov
2 Menace. Mosin Obrez
3 Dishonorable. AK variants (no dust cover/stock)
4 Rogue. Toz

Neutral weapon loadouts
5 Neutral. Standard Mosin, Saiga 9, P226, Grach, Glock 17, MP-153, Saiga 12.

Good loadouts
6 Comrade. Stock AK variants with 10 round mags
7 Honorable. ADAR with 10 round mags
8 Saint. Spawn with a grenade.
9 Famous. Stock AK/ADAR with 30 round mags
10 Paragon. SA-58 AUS and Vepr Hunter

Affect on AI scavs

In order for this whole idea to work with AI scavs. AI scav behavior would have to be changed so that AI scavs do not react agressivley to combat between different player-scav gangs.
The AI scavs should only react and engage a player-scav if they shoot an AI scav. AI would have to be programmed to take cover when Scav gangs are fighting, so its as if they don't want to get involved in what seems to them to be a turf war otherwise they will just wander obliviously into the middle of a firefight.


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