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Found In Raid Tasks

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As of the latest wipe all items that are not extracted out of the raid will not receive the 'Found In rad' tag.

This means that putting an item in your secure container during a raid, and then dying during the raid will result in that item being 'Not Found In Raid'.

My Suggestion is that items that have been found in a raid, but were unable to be extracted from the raid will have a different tag, maybe something like 'Secured In Raid'. This would mean that for tasks like Farming - Part 4 you could find the item that needs to be 'Found In Raid', put it in your secure container, and if you happen to die halfway through the raid you will still be able to turn the item into the traders since it will have the 'Secured In Raid' tag.

I believe this suggestion allows people to be able to complete some of the more difficult tasks, as well as making sure people still wont be able to flea market said items, since it wont have the 'Found In Raid' tag.

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I have the same issue and to be honest really hate questing this wipe.. some tasks were extremely annoying because FIR change.

However, I think the proper solution to address the issue  is to fundamentally rework quest requirements. It is just my opinion, but I feel that quest should never require tradable in game item. All the quests should work in the same way as for example "Checking" or "Pharmacist" or "Farming - Part 3" - that is you get the task to either find unique quest item and extract or deliver specific quest item and extract.

So for example  "Car repairs" - the task I really hated and just recently been able to finish (literally took me 3 weeks) would change from delivering 8 FIR spark plugs and 4 car batteries would change to simply "find the box with car supplies". If Devs want to make it harder, then it could be 2 boxes one in "old gas station for batteries" and other in "new gas station for spark plugs".

This solve both issues at once - it would eliminate the Grind and RNG aspect of having to find randomly spawning FIR items, yet it would keep the task reasonably difficult, because you cannot just buy the items of the flea market. Further, it would make task more realistic - because now it just pisses me off - why the duck Therapist should care if I found spark plug in raid! It is just so arbitrary and so obviously deliberately grindy design for no good reason.

If devs really want to make the task "hardcore" and interesting then maybe it could be even further complicated e.g. Therapist car is Dacia, so only suitable batteries are in blue Dacias. yes that would make quest harder, but more predictable e.g. you can go to first 2 cars and 2 batteries and extract (then take the items into "off-raid" quest items menu) or, you can try to get all 4 in single raid and then you risking to die. But the point is - the goal of the quest should be clear and it should never have any RNG element in it - like FIR quests have now.


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