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Anti- Cheater/Anti- RMT suggestion

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Putting a playtime Limit of about 50h - 100h on the Labs queue, so that your Account has to have played for example 75 hours so you can enter the Labs queue, no matter if you have the Keycard.

I heared from alot of people in the community how frustrated they are with labs, and how much they used to run it for fun. main reason for that are apparently cheaters. i personally do not play labs but i have witnessed onstream how much of a cheater paradise it i in EFT's current state. i've heared some real good suggestions regarding Cheaters in general, but nothing specific to labs and i think this simple "fix" could make it harder for cheaters, more specificly RMT-Cheaters . so it's very clear that labs is a popular map for "RMT Cheaters" because of the high loot potential. From other posts i also heared, that the accounts of cheaters don't really have a long livespan. I thought that putting a playtime limit on labs might be one way to limit cheaters. Simply because i think most ACTUAL new players won't try to get onto labs too soon after they started their tarkov career. i think a limit of about 50h - 100 hours playtime would be reasonable, since most cheater's accounts won't last as long, so they won't be able to get onto labs to make alot of profit, which would raise the price of roubles on cheater-driven sites, which would lower the demand etc, etc. in general i think it would be an easy option.


-Not too much profit for RMT Cheaters -> Rubles will become more expensive on RMT sites

-Labs will become enjoyable for normal players again


-other High Profit maps like Interchange, Shoreline or Reserve will be new Targets for Cheaters

-the possible demand for used Accounts will be there, maybe creating a new "market" for accounts with playtime over the nessecary limit


I still want to point out my deep appreciation for the game and it's creators,i by no means consider myself competent enough to properly consider all the aspects of this idea, i simply think it might be worth thinking about.

This post is an altered Version of a post from my Account on Reddit (u/ItzYaBoiRoy), so please do not accuse me of violating the Copyright
(just in case a link to my original post on reddit) 


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Sounds like "band-aid" fix for me, as you have already identified this would simply push cheaters to play on other maps. Although not ideal I am fairly happy just to play as if Labs does not exist at all for now. Sadly, after wipe I have encountered many cheaters even outside of Labs, but still much less. In terms of cheaters on labs - as far as I can remember (maybe last 8 raids) every time our squad was wiped by fairly obvious cheaters. All together I probably only played labs ~14 time since wipe and first 3-4 raids which we did literally the next day after wipe were amazing... but then since like day 3-4 it was cheaters non-stop.

I guess adding 24h game time limit on Reserve, Shoreline and Labs would work... In fact there are no good reason why one would go into these maps on day 1, but 75h play time seems a bit steep.

Overall, I think BSG has to find the way to instantly ban cheaters and just generally protect the game better as a long term solution. 

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