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Devs: Making life rough for the cheaters

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Hey this post is for the devs, but if you are a developer and have anything to lend to the conversation, or just want to comment for visibility, please do.

Have you noticed that after a patch, the game seems cheat free for a little bit?  That's because they all have to update their hacks, for various reasons.  Some hacks work by reading variables in your system memory.  The hacker devs locate a variable in memory, then change its value, or read its value, etc.

Did you know that you can use pointers in C#?  As the next iteration of C++, C# holds on to many of its features.  In addition, Unity is compiling most of your code into c++ anyway.  Please see this stack overflow:  https://stackoverflow.com/questions/30416499/c-sharp-change-variable-memory-address

Do you guys currently have a DevOps pipeline for your application?  If no, let's set one up.  It's easy.  There are several third party applications.  For C# you can use TFVS, or I would recommend Azure DevOps. 

Then let's map new memory addresses for key variables and release these patches daily.  Using a tool like ReSharper can make doing large updates to these pointer maps very easy.  Small update for the players, pain in the ass for the cheaters.  

Hope this helps!

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