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Raid Statistics/Armor Question

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I put six consecutive slugs (SF) point blank into a guy and he kills me.  Can't blame him, but how?!  In my limited knowledge I'm already aware that there can be a lot of factors, but the Raid Statistics (the little report after the match) shows  293 damage to body, and 729 damage absorbed by armor.  My confusion has to be because I'm new, but I'm seeing armor with roughly a combined 200 max, so how does it absorb 729?  Thanks in advance for your time and patience.  I searched "high damage absorbed by armor" a few different ways before making my first post, but feel free to flame me if I got something wrong.  I'll include a screenshot of the Raid Statistics for reference.   

What kind of armor.png

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Check out the "Ballistics" page, as it can give you a better idea on how penetration works in this game here: 


The Super Performance 12x70 slug has barely any penetration and will not go through any armor. If you were hitting the guy in the helmet, face shield, armored vest or even arms, if it was armor with sleeves, then most probably this was the issue for you - they would do pretty much no flesh damage. The damage that you did to that guy was probably hitting him in non-vital and non-armored part of the body like legs, arms or stomach, if it was a vest that doesn't cover stomach. 

When using high-damage low-pen ammunition, aim for the legs, as there is no armor for those parts of the body in the game (yet). That would have been your highest chance to kill this guy. 

This is also known as leg-meta - shooting people in the legs, because that is guaranteed damage.. if you hit. But that would mean that you have to deal the full 435 damage. 

You can get more info about the health system here: https://escapefromtarkov.gamepedia.com/Health_system 

Generally, aiming for legs is not a always a good idea, because they are easier to cover, compared to a single hit to the head or face or a couple to the chest with ammo of 30 pen and above - usually is enough to guarantee you a kill with most armors that people wear. 

For example - 7.62x39 PS ammo, used by AKM-type of weapons and SKS is a cheap and relatively consistent ammo to use when starting up. 

Remember - the gun is not that important in this game - it is the ammo! 


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