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Bravo on the little things.

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I wasn't sure where else to put this topic, this seemed like the best spot.

I just finished upgrading to rest space level 3, and checked it out, and I was very delighted by the fact in the game they have the music playing, and on the fancy new flat screen they've got the original EFT trailer on a loop. I hadn't seen the Level 3 rest space until this point, but I just really liked the little touch. I'm often a pretty vocal critic of things I think are wrong with the game, but I did want to take this opportunity to say, Bravo BSG, little details like that just sometimes make my day personally. It'd be neat if there was somehow the option to see episodes of the raid or like, switching channels to other trailers or whatever video you can put on there, but even just putting an actual video like you did on the loop in the hideout for just that little extra, well done and helps the game be more immersive.

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