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Escape from bullshit

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В 07.07.2020 в 08:49, KiloNein сказал:

I've never seen this game in such a bad state.

Interchange has been infested with hackers today, and on top of it I just got 1 shot with a class 4 vest on from a single round of buckshot in the thorax....

So to add on to all the problems, something now seems to ALSO be broken with shotguns and armor

Same! I got oneshot (head/eyes) with AI scav 12/70 buckshot TWICE today! In one situation it was like 100m away.

12/70 is way too OP now, it's stupid af. It's a powerful round, yes, but not on >100m!!!

It was AI scavs both times, confirmed by teammates.

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There are WAY TOO MANY HACKERS, I can't deal with it. Tried playing this game went to labs twice. Hacker both time-I had to lock myself in the redroom for basically the entire match to live the  second time. Dude was indestructible and killed everyone. 

So ducking stupid. 

Fix the hackers. MOST IMPORTANT THING 

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Posted (edited)

Yes its Escape from Bullshit you are correct. 7 out of 10 runs I ran into a 2-3 men group. I always kill 1 then get fucked hard. This is all soo much fun. High lvl players low lvl players big gear no gear at all solos duos big squads....ALL IN ONE POND. In my opinion its a disaster but thank god its more realistic that way?! :)

And its all like gambling you get sucked into it even though the game is poo you just cant stop you wanna find sth. valuable kill a player with lots of loot someday....

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Posted (edited)

story time

Just now was running m4 i got from quest with ttv rig and the rest just the usual, 60 rounds of 995 and 60 855a1(60 more 995 in secure)

good spawn into interchange, rush texho find gpu kill two players.... head to parking garage, killing a scav and he has a labs key but i accidentally double tapped reload. So i go back to pick up my mag of 995 and cant pick it up...

Im trying to pick it up for a minute, reload my gun bc it has 885a1 in mag. WTF is this i cant reload, i try everything the mag is stuck in the gun, i then try picking up mag again no luck 

after 5 mins of random shots, chamber checks, mag checks, dropping entire kit, dropping all my mags(none of which i can pick back up) i decide to go hide and DC. Well i used the DC from the menu, which apparenlty kills you not allowing you to reconnect

I drown in BS, RIP

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