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Add Loadout Selection

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It would be cool if you could select loadouts for your PMC. You still only have one actual PMC and one set of levels and skills, but you can throw guns and gear on a few different player models so that you don't have to constantly switch your entire loadout when you want to play in a different way or on a different map after you survive a raid. For example, lets say you have just one loadout selection like you do now. That loadout is set up with something suited for CQC, and you bring it into a factory raid that you later survive. Before you got out of that raid, your friend got on and he needs to go to woods. Once you get back to the loadout screen, you have to dump all your gear back in your stash to get a new loadout ready for woods. This would be fixed if you could keep your gear on that PMC and just click on another sniper class PMC that you have ready prepared for this situation. Obviously something would need to be worked out to compensate for using additional loadouts as storage in addition to your stash, but this kind of game mechanic would probably have to be an unlock-able perk acquired by leveling a skill or perhaps a hideout upgrade. Thoughts?

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