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HK MP5 SMG - Tactical Laser Devices - Bug


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Tactical laser devices (TLDs) attached to the CAA HX-5 and PTR Tri-Rail MP5 handguards point slightly to the right rather than straight ahead. This issue does not apply to the TL-99 aluminum handguard. There are no issues with iron sight targeting / aiming that accompany the TLD issue (i.e. wherever you point with the iron sight it'll still hit). Tested with NcStar TBL and Holosun LS321 laser devices only; cannot account for other TLDs with the issue nor variable attachments which may affect the TLD issue (e.g. muzzles, magazines). This issue is based on the MP5 with the following configuration (excluding variable handguards and single choice attachments such as the cocking handle):

  • HK MP5 Upper Receiver
  • 3 Lug threaded protector
  • AAC Illusion 9 9x19mm silencer
  • HK A2 Stock







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Bug should be fixed, whenever using mp5sd handguard, the aim is not accurate. it is not just mp5, some of the guns with specific components got the same problem which causing me give up to use those scope on the guns respectively~

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