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[Suggestion] Realistic reloading while remaining on Target

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Dear BSG,

since realism is a huge thing for the game and of course for u developers.. i work in the security sector myself, so i wanna distribute my suggestion with you:
if you have to reload while beeing in combat, you wanna remain on target while doing it.

Meaning, you are still aiming though the scope, iron sights etc. you want your enemy looking in a barrel all the time..

is such a (realisic) feature planned in the game at some point? or even unlockable when leveling up?

best regards,


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you show me that this is possible with a weapon like the FAL or the SVD.....i dont know any PMC and/or soldier who would do that

also its pureley "cosmetical" + another suggestion to make the game easier. losing focus bothers you, but not the majority

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Well, of course it is possible to do this, even with an FAL or an SVD since i did this myself for years. Not with that particular firearms, but with plenty of others.

Its actually not a cosmetical thing, since you are able to gain an advantage when managing to remain on your target while reloading, still looking through your sights. It actually is a thing that is being taught. Dont get me wrong, my intention is not to make this game any easier. Its fine how "hardcore" it is. But it is thay way, because BSG has high standards in terms of realism. And this feature would make the game more realistic in my view, its as simple as that.

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