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Bug or what? (Strength skill)

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Was playing on shoreline, trying to lvl strength skill, i got to lvl 2 (yaay, finaly i can upgrade my hideout (vents).. I thought.. I got killed... Checked the skills.. im at lvl 1 again with same score (12.3/20)

What have i missed..? Did i lose my lvl in skill bc I died? have played 2 more hours just to trying lvl up it but no luck..

Any clue guys? I mean.. it would be fun to actual build my hideout.. 


Anyway, love to you all ♥

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I don't know but they change something with skills...and recent they added boost for leveling skills.

One comment here, why would you play this game in such retarded way? :) Skills no need extra gameplay, just play normal.

HIdeout has nothing really usefull. There are two builds which boost skill leveling, those are worth...everything else is mostly garbage.




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What is a retard way? Being overweight with expensive stuff that i looted from players? Come on dude..

If you dont know the answer dont bother replying.


And what do you need to get those boost skill level? Aah thats right.. vent lvl 3 and gen 3..



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