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Unplayable on SG Server

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On the SG server we are at the point where almost every round you play against obvious cheaters with names like ajskdsajkdfhskajdbfnjksdbf which insta headshot you.

At the end i dont care how many cheaters they have banned if the game is not playable, all these numbers they always show us mean nothing at the end if you cant enjoy the game and it seems the numbers they ban are a joke compared to how many cheater there are if you encounter them so often. I even dont mind if i die every 5th death from a cheater but since a week i die so many times from absolut obvious cheaters that it is not funny anymore. 

This game dies a very fast death if they cant keep the cheater numbers low because the only thing what i can do now is to wait until there is a new ban wave or the game gets wiped again so you can enjoy it for 1 month again maybe. And the developers said that there will be no wipes after relase ..... i mean just how ?

To me it seems Asia just gets milked for the money (which they kinda said puplic) and the focus to fight cheaters is only in the Europe and America region and as long as it is running somewhat smoothly there everything is fine.

When i watch Streamers from various regions i see them playing for hours without any sketchy deaths .... on the SG server you can be very happy if you get 2 Rounds in without running into cheaters.



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