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Revolvers for Tarkov

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I'm a fan of six shooter so here are my suggestion for revolvers that should be added to Escape from Trakov in the near future.(and yes the MTs 225 shotgun and the Chiappa Rhino revolver are confirmed revolver but i want the same variation for revolver like we get for 9mm pistols)


Nagant M1895


The mosin's little brother. Fires custom made 7.62 x 38mmR and thematically makes sense to have this revolver in Escape from Tarkov seeing as it served in many wars in the Russian army (so i wouldn't be surprises if uncle Vlad didn't have one in a shoe box sitting in his closet) and it is one of few revolver that can be fitted with a silencer. You can take out the cylinder and replace it with another one so you can quickly load another 7 shots or load some loss rounds in your pocket (very slowly I might add).


Charter Arms Bulldog


Single action or Double action with the modern day variant .357 magnum or .44 special rounds this bad boy can pack a punch but at only 5 shots and a single action mechanism (or double) only few player can really benefit with this amount of firepower. Still  manufacturer till this day wouldn't be surprise to see Peacekeeper sell this.


Colt Anaconda


A beast of a revolver that can shoot .44 magnum or special rounds can be modded with long or short barrel for improved accuracy or ergo, and even a picatinny rail for optics. New meta... I don't know.


MP-412 REX


A .357 magnum beast of a gun that sadly never went in to production. Made by Izmech this double action beaut is a breach open revolver witch can make for quick reloads with a speed loader or one at a time with some loss round in your pockets. Buut not having any options for mods.



You made it to the end great. What revolvers would you like to see added to escape from tarkov.



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