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Scope Sensitivities Madness in Tarkov - Please change that

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Hello guys,

I know this has been mentioned before but we haven't received any news on this topic for a while. 
I am sure you have noticed that the scope sensitivities are all over the place and don't follow any patterns in this game. As an example, the 4x32 and 4x24 have different sensitivities; the 1x feels too slow and the 2x too fast etc... This just does not make any sense and prevent the game from being a serious FPS contender. Because of that switching scope with a canted sight or changing the zoom of your scope is always a bad experience as the sensitivity values are assigned randomly.
On top of that, I would add that the idea of changing the sensitivities depending on the type of armor you wear is also dumb as people just adjust their sensitivities to the new value once the penalty has been taken into account. I know because I do it myself. This feature is just an annoyance and add nothing to the game play mechanics.

Do they have any plans to allow us to set the sensitivities we want on each scope as your competition already does it please?

Thank you

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