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Can't join the official discord...


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2 days ago (11/07/2020) I was in a voice chat with a level one helping him getting into the game.. All of a sudden a guy joined the voice chat (Not gonna say his name because it seems that's the reason I got banned/muted for 24h)

I told him to gtfo.. Later checked if he was still online, and sure he was still there, going from room to room trying to sell cheats. I then posted about it, and his name/id because I thought that's what you're supposed to do... Well, guess not. Someone reported me for this, what I did wrong is naming the guy I guess? Because the reason for my 24h ban according to the server bot don't tell me what I did wrong... Anyways, the discord bot "Zeppelin" sent me this message: 


You have been banned from the Escape from Tarkov Official server. Reason given: 24h You need to respect the rules. 24H mute"

I tried to rejoin today and but I just get rejected, saying that im banned still and no longer able to join... It's been well over 24h.. 

I promise not to ever report a cheater or cheat-provider in the future.. Hell, im even scared my account will be banned just for making this post..I thought I did something good by reporting the guy to prevent more people cheating... but I guess that's not the case (I have video of the whole situation too) if someone does not believe me. 

Im clueless as to why I got this "24h" ban. "You need to respect the rules", of course, I just can't see what rules I have broken...

Let this be a warning to other players who wants to get rid of the cheating in this game, just look the other way if you wanna stay out of trouble.

 So am I banned forever or is the bot broken/lying to me?  

This feels so unfair.. Am I wrong?

Some clear explanations would be appreciated. 




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