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Very inconsistent Ping to California servers

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Title says it all, I live in Sydney Australia and play with friends from The West Coast of America, as it currently stands my connection to the California servers fluctuates heavily between 144 to 300+ at random, which is quite strange, considering that my pings to all the other servers, only go up or down by about 1-15 or so. It also seems that once I load into a raid, my ping has already been decided. For example, I can load into a raid at 150 Ping, and it will never go anywhere above 164 (just below ping cap) however, some servers will stay at a constant 300+. This is super weird to me, as my connection to the servers seems to be set once loading in and never goes to extremes, nor drops down to acceptable levels. I've checked with all the other servers and they dont seem to have this massive inconsistency that the California servers do. 
I literally bought this game to play with my friends, and I want to do just that, so why is my connection to THIS SPECIFIC server, inconsistent?

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