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Item/Inventory Bug

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I was playing on woods today and I managed to kill Shturman.  I immediately go up to his body and loot his stuff.  While looting I put my equipped SKS into Shturman's backpack before searching the backpack in order to equip his SVD.  When I do this my SKS glitches out and half fades away.  I search the bag and see the SKS is in both my hands and in the bag, but I am unable to interact with either SKS.  I go out of inventory to try to switch to a different weapon and I am unable to.  I try and shoot the SKS and nothing happens.  I also can't move the SKS that is in my inventory.

I have seen this bug before but I was working inside of my stash instead of in a raid.  Last time I had this issue I just did a scav run and came back to a normal inventory again without a duped item.  Being a new player I think to just leave and rejoin.  I disconnect from the game thinking I'll just hop right back into the raid to be met with a death screen.  Very Frustrating.  I understand that the disconnect isn't the game's fault however I shouldn't have to fully restart my game in order to reset my inventory.  

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