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Is the game even enjoyable with all these hackers I'm hearing about?

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in all my gaming experience in tarkov only twice i was killed by an 100% no doubt hacker

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16 hours ago, tobiassolem said:

60K over two months, or 130K over four months is not too different mate.

And just because there's a cheater in a raid, does not mean that people run into them. Some of these people try their best to mask that they're using cheats.

So based on that, the trend is 30k a month or 1k a day... even when looking at a more broad timeline. Again, that's cheaters that were caught... you can easily assume there are at the minimum, double that number who have slipped through the cracks, it's a sh**y situation for BSG. 

This game has limitless potential for growth, and I feel as though that dealing with those aimbotters should be a top priority because unlike other BR/FPS games there is something to lose for every player which is time invested into gathering gear to only lose it in a blink of an eye from who knows where. The impact isn't as heavily felt in other games like CS/PUBG because there is nothing lost except that 1 game, but EFT is a whole new level of investment when it comes to losing things. 

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The game is worth the money IMO. Best FPS I've played but I enjoy a challenge.

You will run into cheaters. More than the deniers say less than the people freaking out.

It is a real problem and BSG knows it hence the large amount of bans. Despite the smarter ones being able to avoid getting banned by not being obvious about it.

The good news is hackers tend to focus the high end loot locations. LedX , Keycard and tech spawns on Interchange, Shoreline and running Labs. Once in a blue moon you'll run into a john wick wannabe elsewhere but they will get banned relatively quickly.

You as a newer player will not run into them most of the time.

The game is alot of fun. I try to get the good loot so I'm running into them more than I'd like but my Hacker Vs Legit deaths is closer to 1 out of 8 Deaths. Mainly cause I'm trying to get LEDX and graphic cards legit so I'm going to the same locations they tend to target and there are alot of players in this game doing the same. Also if you think someone is cheating throw a grenade to distract them and run. Better to not get loot than lose your gear.

obvious signs of cheating tend to be shooting at you through objects when you know they can't see or hear you. Spamming grenades before they know where you are. Prefiring your location before they know where you are. This only counts really when you are playing more stealthy as any noise can be heard from a long distance and some maps have huge LOS areas.

You can help by running shadowplay or some other recorder to catch these obvious cheaters and report them. The incoming report player feature should also greatly help.

PS: On the more lethal maps I tend to run with a weapon, backpack and 1 grenade with some meds in my secure container. If I die I lose very little if I succeed I get $$$. Gear up off your scav/player kills. I suggest learning stash locations and keeping your scav on cooldown to get some basic funds to keep your PMC runs semi geared. Only run with what gear you are okay with losing.

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Thousands of banned players. BSG making all kinds of changes in game to battle the RMT:s. I would say that the cheaters have a firm grip of EFT for the time being.

In order to kill the RMT-business, BSG has to start with microtransactions themselves or remove flea market.

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On 7/19/2020 at 1:02 PM, short_FUZE said:

I love the game thoroughly. I don't notice hackers at all tbh.

Yes there are definitely times where my deaths are suspicious but nothing that can't be attributed to:


Thermal vision


Long range scopes


Me making to much noise


Me missing visual and audio cues that I shouldn't

(I'm 40+ and have lost some hearing from work and my eyes are sh+t)


I play solo only


Other players having a better understanding of the game the maps and spawns and timings during the raids

(IE knowing where and when to expect players to be during different times during the raid)


My lack of understanding of this game

(I only have roughly 522 hrs online time and I've heard many TTV streamers mention they are still learning the game after 3000+ hrs)


Probably other factors but I'm bored of writing this and want to get back to a raid.



Is the game enjoyable and worth the money? IMHO absolutely 100%


Just so you know these forums are largely toxic AF and most people only come here to have a whinge and a cry because they're angry they got killed repeatedly. So don't take too much notice of the loud and angry screeching children who proclaim to be adults with more experience in game development/running a server and could always do better than BSG if only they felt like it.


Good luck and enjoy.


EDIT--> Ohhh BTW: You will die......A LOT and it will be very frustrating and you will probably wonder if you're ever going to be any good at this game, just keep at it and slowly you will start to improve and slowly you will start to have more wins as time goes by. Again good luck. EFT is a journey.




Hey Fuze, fellow boomer here, hit me up if you wanna squad, take care, stay safe

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I would say go for it, and I've even been a louder voice on experiencing cheaters lately. 

If you enjoy games with steep learning curves and can tolerate (or even enjoy) being very bad at start, then yes.

This game does many things better which no other AAA studio has accomplished, and it is extremely impressive. Generally if you like firearms and modifying them, you have to try it.

Are there bad actors? Absolutely. For me these experiences ebb and flow. Last wipe I could point out 3 suspicious deaths in 200 raids. This wipe is my first starting fresh with everyone else, and let me just say that the experience has been running into many more suspicious players. This doesn't mean that you will, it is just my personal experience. I honestly think this sometimes has brief booms with cheaters from a new wipe or a new cheat is developed. BSG is unfortunately saddled with a cat and mouse game of finding and banning these users, but they can be like roaches surviving a nuclear blast. 

Get your bearings playing solo first and then quickly start looking for a team to play with after around level 10, which is where you get flea market access and a whole lot more flexibility. 

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More and more deaths from DYTV- .................Insert number here cheaters. PubG all over again. Just go killed by one that had it's back to me about 200m away ( I was scav with 9mm crap gun) I shot (in hope) cheater insta snap and 1 tap to the scull. (I was in a bush aprox 200m away. Hmmm thats some great hearing you have there hacky chan

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