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Running bug?

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I've been having this issue since the most recent patch a couple days ago, Everything was working fine, I didn't change any settings but it still keeps happening. When I'm holding down W and Shift to sprint, My character will randomly stop sprinting and slide, It happens randomly at random intervals, sometimes I can get full sprints with no problem, some times I get it in 3 second intervals. I've tried a different bind which seemed to fix it, but it was inconsistent, sometimes doing it still. Here's a video of what I'm talking about, I'm holding W and Shift the whole sprint.

 Things I've tried but hasn't worked __________________________________________________________________________________________
Restoring settings to default, Changing sprint to toggle, press, double click and continuous, Reinstalling the game, Reinstalling keyboard software,  Binding Move forwards to another key, Tapping shift, Holding shift.

I'm using a Corsair K68, I've reinstalled the software for it, I've been playing tarkov for about 2-3 months now and this issue only started happening on the latest patch. I've done numerous tests in different games so I'm fairly certain my W key isn't broken, this is the only game I seem to have issues with.

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