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About how normal players deal with the cheater problem


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We can always find cheaters in shooting games, so it's not a smart way only ban every cheaters. They show up like roach. we know why those cheaters after got banned but still want to buy another account for keep cheating.

They want money, real money. So we should cut off the chain of RMT. And do not slow down the speed of earn money. Instead you guys should boost it.

If players bring lots of good gears in one raid, and one of those players is not very lucky, he met a cheater in that raid, then all the work would be destory by this cheater.

Because developers can't solve the problem of cheater, so developers disappoint those players. They maybe turn into cheaters, or leave this game.

Before developers find one good way to solve the cheater problem, developers should make normal players don't feel that bad when they against cheaters.

me: asia servers, yes

cheater: no, u don't want it

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