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The hacker issue

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I have to make this post because this is gotten to be the worst I have ever experienced in this game. There is a massive hacker problem right now. Labs has only <redacted> players and every map has someone who is aimbotting and radar. 

I wanted to ask any devs if there is something being done about this, like SMS verification or something that immediately detects these software's in a game?

I love this game and at this point I am losing hope....

Also want to give this an opportunity for anyone to post names of hackers they find in game as another glimpse into who is doing it and how we can ban these fuckers.

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Reporting hackers is done via the launcher, not on the forums. The name of the suspicious player has been redacted.

Creating new threads on the subject of hacking is unnecessary, there are plenty. Make good use of the search function (please).

#Thread locked, answered.

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