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RMT "combat" suggestions.

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First off all, what is RMT and how it works.
Let's say I want to buy 1 million rubles, I go to a shady website then I proceed to pay with real money and then someone arranges that I get those rubles in a raid that I join with him. We then get in the raid and he drops it on the ground, I then pick it up and then he leaves and I get to keep the money in my secure container.

How to combat the transaction.
The first step was to set a limit to the amount of money I can bring to the game. But then i saw that you can still put money inside a wallet and bring the wallet to the raid.

So my suggestion is, prevent everyone from getting money to a raid, prevent containers that contain money coming to the raid. Make the vehicle extracts use a key with limited uses instead of money.

This will force RMT traders to move to selling items via the flea market or bring only specific items to the raid to sell to buyers.

If the latter happens , someone brings items to sell specifically for their value in raid , then you must specifically monitor which items can get inside the largest secure container and stop them.
P.e. seller wants to sell red pickaxe because you know it is very valuable, you make it so you cannot bring it to the raid anymore as an item(since it doesn't drop anyway when you die, why make it an item that you can remove in game, only when it is found in this specific raid you can equip it in raid) or you can implement some other restriction for specific very high value items in raid. You can also use the secure container to only stash items you only bring to the raid (many EOD players will cry) so you can remove and add only those on the secure container.

Next I want to address the flea market selling items for 10 millions instead of 1000 rubles. For this you have to have a market monitoring tool.
Let's start with the basics I sell a knife for 100 let's say the fee is 10%. In the end the transaction is 100-10=90
If 1000 knifes sell you may know how the flea market fluctuates and set a limit on how much a knife is sold. If a seller tries to sell for much more you need to implement a number that increases the value exponentially after a certain threshold has passed. Because English is not my first language I will try to explain it with examples.
Knifes sold.
1000 has 100 fee
1110 has 110 fee
1500 has 150  fee
Let's say the median price is 1500
If someone sets knife to
Then it's
1500000 +10% +X
And X is a variable which increases exponentially by the difference between median price and listed price.
This might need some time to set up after a wipe but it will stop most of the RMT trades.

If the above happen then the rmt traders will be forced to sell items with high value directly on the battlefield. If it is a huge container then the player will have to risk it and extract with it which (of you are struggling with the game) might prove impossible.

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There is already a money carry limit of IIRC 200,000 RUB (equivalent in USD and EUR, for a total of a max of 600,000 RUB value) even if it's in another container inside of your player inventory.

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The fleamarket doesn't work like that.

If you set an item a bandage, that therapists sells for 2k roubles. and want to sell that at 15.000.000 roubles, the fees are over 320.000.000 roubles just for putting it on the market.

The Tarkov problem is that RMT buyers are casual gamers, or low skill gamers, that feel they need a leg up in the game.

If you are good at tarkov you don't buy in game roubles... You just play...

The game would kill of lot of the hacker problem, if the game wasn't so insanely hard for newbies.

A game can still be difficult without it needing to target newbies/casual gamers.

Games like tarkov should focus more on adding difficulty for their veteran players to keep them playing for longer.

It's not fun having to do the same stupid quests over and over again every 6 months.

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