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Disconnect rather than leave in raid due to high ping

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A lot has already been posted about this issue of disconnecting due to high ping, but what annoys me the most is that it doesn't disconnect you and leaves you in the game.

I get that its a good idea if you want to reconnect, but most if not all the time, that when you join back your ping will still get you kicked. So why not just send you back to the lobby??

This gets even more furiating is when it disconnects you and you decide to leave the match - by the time it removes you someone has domed you!! 

I've lost a lot of equippment because of this and its getting on my nerves.


The high ping issues are not even consistent, I can have a ping jumping from 34 to 275 in one game and be fine in the next.


EFT devs, just send us back to the lobby I'm sick of dealing with this and losing loot without even playing the game.

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sir your problem is probably on your end with your ping issue. try doing a tracert when this starts to happen to find if it is  your side or not.

as for getting kicked, the only problem I have is the two minute wait time to get back into the game your computer has already loaded up once before including reloading the loot that your computer already loaded. It should be able to remember this information and the fact that it doesnt and makes you wait so long to get back in is what frustrates me personally (I have the same issue as you but I am fully aware that the problem is on my end).


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