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Incorrect damage calculation and a possible explanation

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since patch 012.6 and the tech-updates after that one me and my friends noticed massiv problems on damage-calculation while playing.

This morning i've found an answer on this while watching old videos and screenshots from these days.

At the moment i believe that the damage-calculation is working wrong and taking the penetration-power as dmg-value instead of flesh-damage.


as an example: I was running a shoreline run some minutes ago.

9 hits, total damage 419 - > ~46,5 Dmg per Bullet, all targets (3) got head and torso shots.

This was with 7.62x39 mm BP: FleshDmg: 58, PenPower 47


Another example:

Rouning woods with Mosin and 7.62x54R SNB: hit a target 4 times wihtout armor into chest and head bevore he died.

Total Damag 249 -> per shot:  62,25

7.62x54R SNB: FleshDmg 75, PenPower: 62




I hope with patch 0.12.7 today the hit-registration and dmg-calculatio will change back to normal working state bevore patch 0.12.6 where every bullet counts corretly (referring to old vids and screens).

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