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Screen Flickering and Constant Crashing

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I've recently been experiencing screen flickering (colour light flashing on the screen) and alot of crashes in EFT to the point where i can not play the game. The crashes have got progressive worse to the point that that i 90% of the time crash when trying to load into a raid or crash few minutes into the raid 

My PC build is about 2 weeks old and i was having zero issue until 2 days ago when the game has become unplayable due to the constant crashing, sometimes i can't even get past the main loading screen without it crashing.

  • AMD 3900X
  • MSI x570 tomahawk
  • G.Skill 32GB DDR4 C16 3600Mhz
  • Gigabyte RTX2070 Super
  • LG 32GK650F-B 32" WQHD - Running at 144hz with freesync enable (Main Screen)
  • AOC 2236 (second monitor HD 60hz)


I have tried the following steps:

  • XMP on and off - no difference
  • LG monitor - unplug, plugin, freesync on and off etc
  • AOC monitor - unplug, plugin etc
  • sfc scannow reported no issues
  • uninstalled and reinstall EFT
  • reinstall GPU driver
  • GPU stress test (no issue there)

I am not having any issue with any other game or program on my system it is just EFT

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If you are OC'ing your gpu set it to stock. Also try using INVIDIA inspector to see if your limiter is set the 004 flip by flip if so set it to V2 or default. 

If it's not the previously mentioned, you have a faulty GPU. 

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I totally FIGURED OUT A possible FIX TO THIS!   Go to power options > Edit Power Plan settings > Change Advanced Power Settings > Processor Power Management >  set the maximum processor state from 100% down to like 95%, and the minimum to like 30%.   this will make you lose like 5 fps  but when the spaghetti code starts boiling it will prevent the pc from imploding on itself!!!! totally fixed!!! 

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I've been having the same issue lately, just upgraded my PC to a AMD's new cpu (Ryzen 9 5950x ) Still using GTX 1070 in the meantime. I wasn't having the this issue on my old hardware with the same GPU. Nothing is overclocked 


bug 2.png


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Same issue here. 
Got the same errors like Deathopp. Same visual. Upgraded from a 2700x to a 5800x (New Mainboard and RAM as well) 
Once the screen is full of those colourfull blobs, game crashes. Only happens in Tarkov 

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