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85 HP thorax is the death of 7.62x51 M80

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52 minutes ago, davidj123456 said:

For Factory you can do the trade 8 Knives for MP5. You could even use an MP5K from Peacekeeper and im for the face. For CQB there are so many good options idk why people would cry about no longer being able to use Mosins.

People use Mosins because Pen for cheap ammo starts at 40. SMGs like the MP5 and Vityaz, while cheap and having higher RPM, don't have cheap ammo with similar Pen, which if you run into someone wearing anything more then the level 2 faceshields you will will need at least 9 to 13 hits to said faceshield to defeat. With a Mosin it would take 1 for anything except the Altyn Faceshield and Maska 1Sch face shield.

Of course you could go for the legs, but legging someone with a 9mm SMG would take longer then shooting them through the faceshield with a Mosin. This is why my examples attempt to stay somewhat closer to the minimum 40 Pen of Mosin rounds.

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Thorax and stomach should have 100 HP each. Head 50hp. 

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