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CPU jumps 100% usage for few seconds every few seconds

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Hi, I just wanted to ask if anyone enountered such an issue after the update. The thing is as follows, game reaches around 40-50fps on average just to suddenly have a 5-10 seconds of really bad stuttering and FPS drop (to 5FPS or something - unplayable), its all weird stuff as before the recent update it ran smoothly constantly

This issue appeared only after newest update 12.7 and is consistent on customs and shoreline (i rarely play other maps), before the update my hardware handled the game well enough to provide smooth fps amounts constantly.

I have used monitoring software and while those stuttering/fps drop moments appear, my CPU usage jumps up to 90-100% while my GPU usage at the same time drops down the same amount CPU jumped. Graphs of CPU and GPU usage look almost like they are a mirrored view of the same graph (if that makes sense) temperatures are normal (CPU - 36C max GPU 60C max under load) I havent changed anything on my PC config, no new drivers etc, it started happening just as Tarkov updated to newer version, please help me to solve this if its possible becaue right now i simply cannot play the game that i could enjoy just until this new update, thanks

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