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Game Freezing at "Loading Map 100%"

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Hey guys,

I dont know if this will help you, but I had the same problem. Medium to High-End PC averaging 30 fps and always loading late.

The only thing that helpes was to create a new windows boot device (e.g. USB-Stick) and to delete all partitions in the partitionsmanager. Now im loading in after 1 minute instead of 5 and i can achieve a stable 80-90 FPS.

Best regards


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So, this began happening right after I installed the update. When I would attempt to load the maps Shoreline, Customs, and Reserve, my game would load everything fine up until I reached "L

im expiereincing exactky the same

This issue is occuring for me as well.. Only on Customs and Interchange. No errors, no debug. I have 8 thread system with 32 GB RAM. Doesn't even max out RAM, only utilises 11-12 GB. Tr

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Same problem over here .... plus for about 2 days now, I had the PC crash completely after all screens going black when loading into a raid.

I could join in later after restarting the PC, and everthing works fine but eventually it happens again when trying to load into a new raid.

Running on Win 10 Pro (latest Updates), GTX 1080 (latest Updates), 32GB RAM, Only SSD's, 850W power supply, 

Any help is kindly appreciated. 


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Forever bumping this till they fix it. 100% loading map stagnating for 2-3 minutes has been a massive issue for almost a year now.

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I have had this problem for a good 4 months now and after cleaning my pc fans with air, and my CPU fan, and reapplying thermal paste, it has fixed the loading map 100% issue. Before I would freeze at loading map 100% for 3-4 minutes but after cleaning my pc and reapplying thermal paste I don't load map for that long and instead I do it instantly like before in the past wipes. Additionally, I receive more fps then before the pc clean. I had not cleaned my pc for a good 4 years and after I cleaned it my PC performed better in every game I play. This may not fix for everyone but I thought I might as well tell this forum how I fixed my issue

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