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Matchmaking time fix suggestion


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Hi all,


So I see there are complaints about waiting times, and I too have experienced extra long waiting times.

I can only assume that it is mostly due to playing an unpopular map during non-peak times.

I suggest that if the match has not found the required players to launch after 4/5 min, it just goes ahead with the match anyway and you face up against scav and whoever joined (PMC player count unknown)

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I think it's the opposite. The game will put you in a map alone if there are instances available, I've had it back in the day, late wipe when the game was less popular.
But if there aren't you have to wait before one can be created, which leads to the long waiting times.
You remember (dunno how new you are) to solve them during the twitch event, they reduced raid times to get them over with faster so new instances could be created sooner for people in que.

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Thanks for the response.

So if I am interpreting your response correctly, and please let me know if I am not, the issue with long matching times is because there are too many matches running?

 Also, yes, I am very new to the game.

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If the game is stuck on matching, it's be course it can't find server space for your raid.

If it takes longer then 5 mins you should re try.

Waiting for players is where it's waiting for other players to join in the raid, if there aren't any players, it will launch your raid with the people there, even if less then what normally is in a raid.

Most games get stuck on matching, aka server space, not waiting for players, as it will already just start.

A bad thing about lack of players, is that you can late spawn into a raid.
This i hope they will fix.

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